October follow-up

I saw my oncologist last week and he confirmed the report I received in August: my latest mammogram was clear. I’d have preferred a diagnostic mammo along with an ultrasound, but the university’s protocol says that at this point — 5 ½ years post surgery — I’m back to just screening mammograms (which, I can’t help remembering, did not show my tumor).

There was no mention of extending my letrozole treatment for another two years, and I’d already decided I didn’t want to. It could possibly threaten my bone strength and bring back hot flashes and hair loss. Too much risk for too little gain, I’d decided.

He said to come back in a year, instead of the previous 6-month intervals, and I’ll get a bone scan then.

So it seems that, essentially, I’ve been cut loose by my oncologist. It’s my life again … and the PCP’s … and the ophthalmologist’s … and whoever else comes along.

4 thoughts on “October follow-up

  1. vincenza63 Friday, February 25, 2022 / 8:05 am MST

    I hope next check will give you more hope.
    Hugs from Italy ❤

    • pIEdTyPe Friday, February 25, 2022 / 9:41 am MST

      Thank you, Vinvenza63. I’m happy to say there’s been no sign of recurring cancer since I finished my treatment in early 2016.

  2. barkinginthedark Monday, May 09, 2022 / 1:26 pm MDT

    Stay strong, stay positive…I am in remission myself. Actually, at this point, I find I don’t think about it. Sending you good vibes from the Universe. continue…

    • SusanR Monday, May 09, 2022 / 5:12 pm MDT

      Thank you. Been looking good for several years and I don’t even think about it anymore. Occasionally, but mostly not.

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