Pictures worth a thousand words


This memorable illustration is making the rounds on social media now, and well it should. With words and visuals anyone can understand, it shows what breast cancer can look like.

I say “can” look like, because not all breast cancer will look like one of these lemons. Mine, for example. There was nothing unusual to be seen, and five of six doctors, when they knew exactly where the tumor was, could not feel it. And while it’s often said that breast cancer doesn’t cause pain, mine did.

So while the lemons are a great start, they aren’t the be all and end all for self-diagnosis.

A second illustration explains what breast cancer might feel like:


No one had ever suggested to me that breast cancer might feel like a lemon seed. That explains size and texture pretty well. Better than anything I’ve heard before. (But it didn’t describe my cancer.)

It’s important to note, however, that not all breast cancer will look or feel like this, and that not all breast irregularities that look or feel like this are cancer.

Still, the images are very educational and worth circulating as widely as possible. They were developed by Worldwide Breast Cancer in 2011, but apparently are only just now becoming widely circulated. As they should. Such education is urgently needed around the world.

In closing, let me add that the story of how these educational materials were developed is very interesting and can be found on the WBC website.


"You don’t have to say everything to say something." ~Beth Moore

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