Rockin’ my bed head

More slowly than I’d like, of course, but my hair is growing back. I might even be able to rock a pixie next summer.


chemohairMany cancer patients want to know how fast their hair will grow back after chemo, so I thought I’d post a progress photo. This is what my hair looks like now — exactly four months and one day after my last chemo treatment, or about three and a half months since I shaved it down to 1/4″.

I don’t know if this is fast or slow regrowth, relatively speaking, but it’s long enough now to show growth patterns and this, my spiffy bed head look. My double crown/cowlick is doing its thing and standing straight up. Everything else is lying pretty flat but going in all different directions. A wet comb can impose a bit of order, but not much. And I’ve begun thinking about getting the sides and neckline cleaned up. Cruel irony, that. The sides and back seem to be growing faster than anything else.

Hair growth 4 months after chemotherapyI’m a bit disappointed that it isn’t coming in all gray, silver, or white instead of the same old salt-and-pepper. But I suppose the darker hair is helpful at this point, making what’s there look a bit thicker and more prominent.

Not much else to say. At the current rate (generally said to be 1/2″ month), it’s going to be several more months before I start trying to pass this off as just a really short haircut. And it could be longer than that if my Herceptin treatment ever gets started. I read somewhere that it can slow hair growth.

Still, hair is hair. I’m not complaining.

14 thoughts on “Rockin’ my bed head”

    1. I don’t shave my head, but cut it really short. Also, losing my hair on top . . . lots thinner than it used to be.

      . . . plus, convenience and simplicity takes precedence in my life over most things.

      That said, one should go with what makes them comfortable. It does look like it’s coming in nicely.

  1. Hair is a thing, that’s for sure. I have a small bald spot on the back that’s slowly growing – can’t see it in a mirror. One weird thing, with men at least: as the hair on top diminishes the hair in the ears and nose proliferates. What do you call that? Hair sag? 😆

  2. You’re right on time, from my understanding of it. Taking biotin will help, too. General anesthesia can make hair fall out, so I took it after my second surgery and noticed a difference in how fast it grew back in compared to the first surgery. N of 1, but still. Also, I envy your smooth, bump-free nose.

    1. Biotin, eh? I’ll have to look into that. Especially if it will make the front grow faster to keep up with the sides and back. As for the nose, as long as it holds up my glasses and I can breathe through it, I’m content.

    1. The sad thing about my neckline is it does a perfect ducktail on one side (as you can see), and grows straight down on the other side. And the midline is off center. So I usually just have it all shaved down to nothing.

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